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At Blos Bakery, our love story began with a secret love affair with all things sweet - fuelled by our founder’s obsession with the once-taboo combination of red and pink.

What started as a quiet side hustle to Corlandi's café, Meraki, soon blossomed into its own exquisite blushing venture - BLOS BAKERY.

The demand for Meraki's mouth-wateringly delicious cakes led us to take a leap of faith and move the baking team to a dedicated space in early 2019.

Our journey in building Blos Bakery has been organic and gentle. However, our passion for baking couldn't be denied.

We firmly believe there should always be a place for something sweet and delectable at your table. Whether it's a classic cake, a tray of delectable tartlets, or a vibrant celebration cake with secret layers of salted caramel and glitter cherries.

For us, baking and crafting beautiful confections and cakes is an unending source of joy.

Our offerings span from classic cakes to exquisite wedding cakes, bespoke corporate orders, delightful high tea treats, and memorable birthday celebrations for your little ones.



Owner and Creative Mastermind

Meet Corlandi, the visionary behind Blos Bakery.

With a blend of integrity, authenticity, and boundless passion, she's the driving force steering our team towards positivity and excellence. Corlandi's impeccable style and adoration for classic cakes shine through in every creation.

"Trust the magic of new beginnings" is Corlandi's mantra. With each new venture, whether it's introducing custom macarons or unveiling the perfect Tote Bag, she infuses a touch of magic that exceeds expectations. Her unwavering belief in her team, coupled with constant motivation and support, ensures that every idea flourishes.

Beyond the bakery, Corlandi lives with purpose. Her love for Marnella, dedication to her chickens, and unwavering care for her family reflect her genuine and unconditional nature.


Creative Co-Ordinator, Baker, Executive Cake Decorator

Louise, a woman par excellence, wears many hats with grace and finesse. As our Creative Co-Ordinator, Baker, and Executive Cake Decorator, she transforms your Pinterest dreams into delectable realities. Her passion for creating bespoke confections imbues a magical aura in our bakery. 

With a heart as warm as her oven, Louise is your go-to person for all wedding cakes and custom orders. She brings not only her exceptional expertise but also her ever-joyful spirit to every interaction, ensuring your experience with Blos Bakery is as memorable as our treats.

Outside the bakery, Louise's world revolves around her three beautiful children and loving husband. How she juggles it all remains a mystery, but her knack for staying well-prepared and super-organized shines through in everything she does.


Senior Baker & Head of Production

Speedy is the heart and soul of our baking brigade, having been with us since day one. From humble beginnings as an assistant baker at Meraki, she's ascended to the helm of our entire production section—a feat that speaks volumes of her talent and dedication.

With 8 years of baking under her apron, Speedy remains unrivalled in her ability to bake our famous tartlets with unmatched precision and finesse. No last-minute order is ever too much for her; she tackles each challenge with unwavering determination and her signature red lips—a true symbol of her passion for her craft.

In our bustling kitchen, Speedy stands as the hardest worker in the room. Speedy, we love you!



Assistant Baker

Kamvalihle, our rising star, initially joined us for a 6-week practical placement during her final year in 2023. Now, she's a proud and permanent member of our team, infusing our kitchen with her contagious happy energy.

In the heart of our bakery, Kamvalihle dedicates herself to perfecting our classic cakes range each day. Her commitment and hard work shine through, making her an invaluable part of the Blos Bakery family. We're delighted to have her sweet spirit enhancing our creations and adding a touch of joy to every bake.


Assistant Baker

Olwethu is our fabulous Assistant Baker! Originally joining us for a 6-week practical placement during her final year in 2023, Olwethu has since become an integral part of our permanent team.

With her infectious energy and warm smile, Olwethu infuses our kitchen with positivity and joy every day. We take pride in her dedication to perfecting our classic cakes range, tirelessly working to ensure each creation is a masterpiece of flavour and finesse.

Olwethu's commitment to her craft and unwavering enthusiasm make her a cherished member of the Blos Bakery family. We're thrilled to have Olwethu as an essential ingredient in the team.



Fondant Queen

Rechell is our Fondant Queen with a flair for creating wedding cake masterpieces that leave everyone in awe. While she heads up Marnella Art du Macaron, her talents extend far and wide within Blos Bakery.

Since 2019, Rechell has been a steadfast presence through every high and low, filling our bakery with her unwavering talent and dedication. With a delicate touch and an eye for detail, she exclusively crafts our fondant wedding cakes, each one a testament to her remarkable skill.

Beyond her creative prowess, Rechell is first and foremost a devoted mother to her beautiful family. Diligent, compassionate, and endlessly gifted, she brings warmth and creativity to everything she touches.

And when the night grows late and the work piles high, a sneaky glass of Rosé is all it takes to keep Rechell's spirits high and her creativity flowing.

Cheers to our Fondant Queen!




Estelle is our office fairy! She's the mastermind behind ensuring that every "i" is dotted and every "t" is crossed, keeping our operations running smoothly.

While the creatives dive into their artistic endeavours, Estelle quietly works her wonders in the background, tackling the (tedious) but essential tasks that keep our bakery humming. As our resident mother hen, she's always looking out for everyone's best interests, offering support and guidance wherever it's needed.

Estelle, thank you for being the glue that holds our team together and for infusing our workspace with your warm spirit.

We appreciate you beyond!

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